Mayordomo News - Spring 2021


2021 Irrigation Season about to start

Ditch cleaning is underway and we are hoping to have water available and flowing by the first of April. The Santa Cruz Irrigation District reports that the dam is nearly full as run-off continues to fill the lake. We should have a normal supply of water to begin the season, but if the past few years are predictive we are likely to experience limited days for water release sooner than later. Exactly when that happens is largely dependent on rain fall and other weather conditions.

Drought conditions were severe enough in 2020 for the SCID to completely shut the dam for a period of time. We were fortunate that I was able to maintain the ditches with spring water although that is always more limited than flow from the dam. So, as always I ask for your cooperation and patience in following the rules for parciantes so that we all share the available water equally. 

The photos below, from left to right, show the dam at full capacity in the Spring, at late Summer levels and finally a photo showing lake levels below the boat ramp. The later photos coincide to when flows from the dam were limited or suspended.

Full DamLow DamEmpty Lake

Ditch needs cleaning Please call before you water

  Although we expect the dam to be full at the beginning of the season, it won't be long before we can expect restricted releases from SCID. Regardless of water levels we ask that you always call before watering.

By calling first you ensure that you and all parciantes will get their share of water. So please be a good parciante and call 1-505-692-9242 before watering. Thanks.

 Picture above - Acequia in need of cleaning 

Maintain ditch area

Growth around the ditch, especially trees, is causing damage to the acequias. Roots and tree trunks encroach on the ditch boundaries causing serious damage as illustrated in the photos below. 

Tree Damage 
Tree Damage2 

Please clear trees and debris where the ditch runs through your property. Thanks.

Water Usage

I would like to remind everyone of the requirements for water use:

  • Your water rights should be registered with the State Engineers Office, Santa Cruz Irrigation District and the Acequias de La Puebla. Please Click Here for information to help you with water rights registration.
  • Dues and assessments must be paid in full.
  • Call 1-505-692-9242 before drawing water from the Acequia. Calling is required for any water use, by any means, (compuerta, pump, etc.), for any amount of time. If no answer then leave a message. I will call back ASAP. Thanks.