Agenda for Acequia de La Puebla Working Meeting

Date: April 28, 2022
Time: 09:00 – 10:00 a.m.
Location: Santa Fe Boys and Girls Club (Arroyo Seco/ La Puebla)

Mayordomo:Mark Herrera                Chairperson: im Martinez            Treasurer:Karen Martinez           Secretary: Deborah Bennett

Agenda:                                                               Time/Minutes

1. Review and approve agenda                                            5

2. Discussion with Virgil Vigil – 2022 invoice.                        15

3. Update from Treasurer                                                    10

4. Update from Secretary                                                    10
a. Email addresses for the AdLP commissioners
    b. Email list of parciantes
    c. Bylaws

5. Update from Mayordomo                                                 10

6. Update from Chairperson                                                10
a. Review AdLP website
    b. Inventory list
    c. Commissioner list

7. New issues:

8. Updates on-going issues
a. Vigil’s court case - The Court is going to set this matter for late November for trial. I will provide you the order when we receive it.      Mr.Juarez was not present for the hearing. Save all documents including pictures
    b. Covering ditch by cemetery (John Montoya property)
    c. Manny Chavez – would like the flood reservoir by the Pena’s to be dug out, Tim will call the BLM in Taos to     see what can be done.

9. Comments and Questions

10. Adjournment