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The 2023 Irrigation Season


The AdLP Mayordomo is Mark Herrera, and as mayordomo he is responsible for regulating the flow of irrigation water, distributing water to parciantes, the day to day operations of the acequia, as well as its over all maintenance.



The 2023 Irrigation Season is well underway, facilitated by all of the winter runoff into the Santa Cruz Dam. By the end of June, most of the irrigation water was overflow from the dam, but as the 2023 season progresses additional water restrictions will be put into place as necessary.

Check this website for the latest updates!

Welcome to the Acequia de La Puebla

Today irrigation  is a matter of cultural survival, historical preservation, and a tradition to pass on to future generations.

Welcome/Bienvenidos to our website. For centuries the people of La Puebla have cared for, maintained and used the acequias that carry water through our community. In the early days of La  Puebla, irrigation was a matter of basic surviival. Today irrigation  is a matter of cultural survival, historical preservation, and a tradition to pass on to future generations.

This website is an effort to foster better communication about the Acequia de La Puebla among all parciantes. Our goal is to provide everyone using the water with information to help the system work smoothly. The Commissioners and mayordomo hope to keep everyone informed about events, watering schedules, emergencies, meetings and other information to help keep the water flowing. Please check back often for updates and new information about the Acequia de La Puebla. 

2023 Annual Meeting Scheduled for Saturday. January 13th, 2024

The Acequia de La Puebla 2023 Annual Meeting will be held on Saturday, January 13th at 11am at the Boys & Girls Club on 89 La Puebla Rd in Arroyo Seco! The agenda will include the "usual" financial and mayordomo stuff, but also an update on the Mediation Process with the Pueblos!
For more information, leave a comment on NextDoor and/or send us an email to and/or check our website

Looking forward to your attendance and interest in our Acequia de La Puebla!

We have a new e-mail address

You can now e-mail any of the Acequia Commissioners at We look forward to hearing from you.

Call before using water

Despite early season rain we are experiencing very dry and hot conditions. SCID has limited releases to only 3 days per week. Please see the Water Schedule above for water availabilty.

 So, as always, we are asking everyone to be a good acequia citizen by calling Mayordomo, Mark Herrera at or 1-505-692-9242 before you water and when you are finished. If you call when finished the Mayordomo can call the next scheduled user.

Your cooperation is appreciated.



AdLP Commission Meetings

The AdLP Commission meets:

  • In the spring to initiate ditch cleanup activities before the irrigation season starts,
  • periodically during the irrigation sseason to coordinate operation and maintenance activities with mayordomo, and
  • then facilitates the annual meeting with AdLP parciantes