Mayordomo News - March 2014

New term and new season

I would like to thank everyone for electing me to continue as your Mayordomo for another 2 year term. I would also like to thank all of you who pay your dues, keep your area clean, call before using water and volunteer when called to help. Your adherence to the Bylaws keeps our Acequia alive. I hope to use this new website to keep parciantes up to date on the status of the Acequias and how we can keep them flowing.

Many parciantes are aware that our Acequias had fallen into a state of dysfunction. In my first term as Mayordomo my goal was to run water by mid March and to run the maximum amount of water possible throughout the irrigation season. I was able to accomplish these goals but not without encountering resistance from some non-parciantes and parciantes alike. Resistance took many forms like those listed below:

These are just a few of the problems I encountered. I am pleased to pass on the good news from our Treasurer that more parciantes are paying their dues and that cooperation is better than when I started but we still need everyone to be good acequia citizens.

Mission for 2014 - 2016

My mission for the new term is to continue reclaiming our Acequias so that the water runs efficiently for all of us with water rights.

It baffles me that some parciantes and non-parciantes have found it necessary to harass, threaten, attempt to bribe and verbally abuse me. There are those that have out right told me they do not care if anyone else gets water as long as they do.
In my new term I will continue to reclaim our ditch banks and address the many issues of running the Acequias de La Puebla smoothly. With your cooperation we can make the acequia better for everyone.

Water Usage

I would like to remind everyone of the requirements for water use:

  • Your water rights should be registered with the State Engineers Office, Santa Cruz Irrigation District and the Acequias de La Puebla. Please Click Here for information to help you with water rights registration.
  • Dues and assessments must be paid in full.
  • Call 1-505-692-9242 before drawing water from the Acequia. Calling is required for any water use, by any means, (compuerta, pump, etc.), for any amount of time. If no answer then leave a message. I will call back ASAP. Thanks.

Ditch Cleaning Time

Spring time is ditch cleaning time. We have nearly 10 miles of ditches in our acequias. Over the Winter the acequias fill with sand and debris that restricts the flow of water. We clean the ditches every Spring to start the new irrigation season.

Tips to help keep the water flowing:

Thanks for your cooperation.