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Water Schedule

Updated - May 20, 2021
SCID has announce that water will only be released from the dam on Fridays and Saturdays.
The AdLP will runs some water on Wednesdays and Thursdays allowing other ditches down river to use water on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Water Schedule Information

Mayordomo News

Hello. My name is Mark Herrera and I am your Mayordomo. As Mayordomo I am responsible for the flow of water and the day to day operation of the acequia. Please call me at 927-4740 before using water from the acequias.

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Acequia Updates

Ditch cleaning is underway and we are expecting to begin flowing water into the ditches the first week in April.
    Looks like the dam will be full to start the season. However, we are still in severe drought and without additional rain we expect the SCID to again restrict irrigation days in the not too distant future.

 Read more in the March Newsletter

Welcome to the Acequia de La Puebla

Today irrigation  is a matter of cultural survival, historical preservation, and a tradition to pass on to future generations.

Welcome/Bienvenidos to our website. For centuries the people of La Puebla have cared for, maintained and used the acequias that carry water through our community. In the early days of La  Puebla, irrigation was a matter of basic surviival. Today irrigation  is a matter of cultural survival, historical preservation, and a tradition to pass on to future generations.

This website is an effort to foster better communication about the Acequia de La Puebla among all parciantes. Our goal is to provide everyone using the water with information to help the system work smoothly. The Commissioners and mayordomo hope to keep everyone informed about events, watering schedules, emergencies, meetings and other information to help keep the water flowing. Please check back often for updates and new information about the Acequia de La Puebla. 

Call before using water

Despite some recent rain we are still experiencing very dry conditions. SCID has already limited releases to only two days per week. Please see the Water Schedule to the right for water availabilty.

The Mayordomo needs you to call so he can make sure everyone gets water when they need it. Using water without permission may result in your gate being closed so scheduled users can finish without interruption. For now there is plenty of water but everyone still needs to take turns when watering.

So, as always, we are asking everyone to be a good acequia citizen by calling Mayordomo, Mark Herrera at 927-4740 before you water and when you are finished. If you call when finished the Mayordomo can call the next scheduled user.

Your cooperation is appreciated.




Next Meeting Date
April 28, 2022

Our next meeting will be held on Tuesday, June 28, 2022 at 10:00 am at the La Puebla Fire Department. Hope to see you there. 

The meeting will be conducted in accordance with Covid 19 Safe practices.

Current Water Schedule

As of June 2022,Santa Cruz Irrigation District has cut back to releasing water only on Friday and Saturday of each week.

We are attempting use spring water on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays to supplement the releases from Santa Cruz Lake..

Any updates will be posted here. As always please call before using water.